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Cabin in Big Sur, California.

Contributed by Shannon May Powell.

Reminds me of Moomin.

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Whenever this “forthcoming” album comes out.. take my money.

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first lines of the first songs of every modest mouse album

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The River of Blood demos cassette is now available for pre-order from Bandcamp:

You can stream the demo of “River of Blood” at the link above (and you’ll get an immediate download of that track if you preorder the cassette).

The cassettes themselves will begin shipping on July 29th, and the rest of the album will become available as a pay-what-you-want download at that time.

Here’s a little more info about the cassettes:

Each cassette comes packaged in an envelope wrapped in cotton rope, and includes a typewritten tracklist. The cassettes and envelope are stamped by hand with red and black ink.

Black cassettes are numbered out of 10.
Tan cassettes are numbered out of 20.
Brown cassettes are numbered out of 20.

The first 20 cassettes ordered will include a page from Hoffman’s Life of Christ.

As always, thank you very much for listening.


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I’ve been trying to organize the boxes of mostly-unlabeled cassettes (demos, field recordings, etc.) that I’ve accumulated over the past few years, and I’ve come across a few interesting finds.

Here’s an early 4-track demo of River of Blood that I completely forgot about.

This is so good

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Kyle MacLachlan filming Twin Peaks

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River of Blood Demos cassettes will be available for pre-order very soon.

I’ll take one!

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Come with me, Arya. I’ll take you to safety.

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Did you catch Sigur Rós’ cameo in last night’s episode? Listen to their version of the ‘Rains Of Castamere’ here. 

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